Let's Go Somewhere

For most, the best memories have been spent while traveling. Cabin Collective Bag co. was founded to encourage those who crave the next destination. For me, these destinations were snow-filled weekends in Canada and days tailgating for a big game in the Bay Area. After many poorly packed excursions, I realized that something was missing—a go-to weekend bag. Every time I went on an adventure, I was disappointed by a too small overnight pack or an oversized suitcase.  

It wasn’t until I decided to embark on a spontaneous trip to Europe that the idea for Cabin began. As I traveled through foreign streets, I found myself carefully observing bags in boutiques and on the arms of fellow travelers. While I am not an Italian designer, I took note of what I observed in Europe and applied it with what I do know—the Pacific Northwest.

As a result, the Cabin Duffle was born with adaptability in mind. This perfect travel companion is intentionally designed for weekend adventurers, well-seasoned travelers, and never-too-organized commuters. 

The Cabin Duffle is designed to include a variety of interchangeable organizers called Travel Kits, allowing it to expand when you need "one last thing." The duffle is built on a foundation of thick, genuine leather and elegant, durable brass feet. The barrel shape of the bag is held together by water-resistant, waxed canvas and double-stitching that provides enough strength for every mile. The Cabin Bag was designed with simplicity to fit your lifestyle, while providing the next level of concealed functionality and daily efficiency.

-Founder, Ben Cunha