Fine leather deserves good care because even the best leather will dry and crack over time. If handled roughly or stored improperly, your leather goods may stain or prematurely deteriorate. Quality leather cleaners and conditioners preserve the character and extend the natural life of leather.

Our bags are designed with bridle leather – top quality leather that has gone through an extensive tanning and finishing process; only the best quality hides free of flaws are selected. The final product is very soft and flexible, yet strong in its ability to withstand daily use. Quality bridle leather only gets better with proper cleaning and conditioning.


  • Never wash your leather bag in the washing machine.

  • Keep cosmetics inside a pouch or small case. Cap all pens and anything that might leak on the leather.
  • Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits. 
  • Store leather bags properly when not in use; keep out of direct sunlight and in low humidity as sunlight fades and dries leather.
  • If leather gets wet, absorb as much water as possible with a thick hand towel and then air dry.


Leather is susceptible to absorbing grease and oils; handle with clean hands. Repeat every 6 months or as needed to clean, condition and protect leather goods from soiling and water spotting.

  1. Apply a cleaner made specifically for the leather cleaning maintenance. We recommend using an all All-In-One Leather Solution.
  2. Using a soft cotton cloth, apply approximately 1 oz. of the solution all over the leather.
  3. Allow the leather to dry for at least 12 hours away from sunlight and heat.
  4. When dry, buff the leather with a soft cotton cloth using a circular motion.

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